A World Without War

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Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!

"If you want to see peace, then you must prepare for war!"

A World Without War is a graphic novel/comic book about the third world war, also known (at least within the comic book's storyline) as the "War of World Unification" (or you could just refer to it as the "Second War to End All Wars").

This comic book was written in an evening and costs only $9.95 to acquire. It would be appreciated if you acquire it promptly. The mission, if you accept it, is to buy this e-book (or the paperback version - at a slightly higher price) A.S.A.P., because there's a chance that when S.H.T.F. / W.R.O.L. happens, and the third world war begins, you won't be able to get it then.

The third world war is just around the corner. Whether it will result in global thermonuclear annihilation, or, as the e-book predicts, world unification, is a huge unknown. You'd be better off accepting this mission and buying the e-book right now.

This message will self-destruct on January 7th, 2019...


I trust you know what to do. Godspeed.